michael (catsupcollecter) wrote in dearfriend,


1701 6th street
manhattan beach, ca 90266

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I emailed you.
ill try to get a letter to yah :) mines

Olivia Montenegro
22 Kern Ave.
Woodland CA 95695

if you wanna head start.
ohh me!!!

courtney whitmire
3212 waterford dr.
jamestown, nc 27282
is this two-way or just letters from me?
two way girl!!! i'm not that self centered!

it's in the original post

julie roth
1701 6th street
manhattan beach, CA 90266
Can I write you too suicide_junkie?? Warning: I can write some long ass letters.
hehe of course!

suicide_junkie .... Can I write to you as well? We seem like we have a lot in common. Let me know. Also, do you reply to letters? I hope so, lol. We can be snail mail pen pals. =)
sure i think i got urs if ur names stephanie and u might go to a collage by NYC lol i wrote u back i just need to get a stamp lol

<33 olive
Uh, no. Lol. I haven't written you yet. Lol. I was just wondering if you wanted to write to me. I looked in your user info, and I really really do think we have a lot in common. So, if you do want to write me and me to write you, let me know. If you are writing with too many other people it's fine. Lol. Ttyl.

oh lol yes of course lol :D id love to write u!
Okay, you can write first if you want. Ask me anything you want. If you don't want to go first, let me know.

Erika Strayling
530 Wood St.
Fenton MI, 48430

Thanks. =)
do ya think u could write me first im out of stamps at the moment. <33
Haha, me too. Lol. I'll get some though. Lol
I shall write:)

Deleted comment

letters about you. letters about anything.
i have a few penpals, so i might not be the best writer. but i will respond to everything. i'm just not great at taking the first step...