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aus_penpals [30 Mar 2007|01:42pm]


Hi. :) I’ve just created a new community, aus_penpals. The main purpose is for people living in Australia to find others as penpals and swap partners. Check it out, and feel free to introduce yourself there. xp


I hope this is allowed... :]
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Looking For something a little different? [28 Mar 2007|10:39am]


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About Me [29 Nov 2006|02:41am]

Name: Kaily (kay-lee)

Personality: Kind, protective, trustworthy, funny, loyal, shy, submissive, gentle, open-minded, loving.

Birthday: July 16th, 1988

Age: 18

Current Residence: Kelseyville, California, USA.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Favorite Shows: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, ER, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Heros, The Office, Ghost Hunters, Dead Like Me, Eureka, Charmed, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Law & Order: SVU, and Xena Warrior Princess.

Favorite Music: Emo/Rock/Indie/JPOP/JROCK, Finch, My Chemical Romance, Matchbook Romance, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Sugarcult, Brand New, HIM, Snow Patrol, Avril Lavigne, Blink 182, The Beatles, Eminem, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Nirvana, Staind, TATU, Three Day's Grace, The Killers, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Simple Plan, The Postal Service, The Used, Dashboard Confessionals, Yellowcard, Maroon 5, Daphne Loves Derby, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Utada Hikaru, Dir en Grey, Something Corporate, Trust Company, Lost Prophets, Story of the Year, Ashlee Simpson, The Rasmus, Deftones, Adema, Gorillaz, Hawthorne Heights, Kelly Clarkson, Daft Punk, Howie Day, Death Cab For Cutie, 30 Seconds To Mars, Damageplan, Shadows Fall, and Jimmy Eat World.

Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Bloodrayne, Trainspotting, Kill Bill, X-Men, Hidalgo, Gothica, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Interview With The Vampire, Dracula 2000, Queen of the Damned, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Underworld, Imagine Me and You, Practical Magic, Advent Children, and Girl Interrupted.

Favorite Anime: Tenchi Muyo, Diamond Daydreams, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, InuYasha, Evangelion, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, and Boys Be.

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts 1/2, FFX, FFX2, FFVII, FFVIII, FFC, Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean: Til The End of Time, Dirge of Cerberus, Drakengard 2, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, and Bloodrayne.

Favorite Genres: Romances/SciFi, Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai/Shoujo

My Fave Anime Shippings: Anime Shippings

My Fave TV Shippings: TV Shippings

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, any Anne Rice books, any Ameila Atwater-Rhodes books, and Moon Called.

Favorite Mangas: Hot Gimmick, Eerie Queerie, FAKE, Boy's Next Door, Sailor Moon, D.Gray-Man, Loveless, and Black Cat.

Fave Actors/Actresses: Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Billie Piper, David Tennant, Torri Higginson, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, and Christopher Eccleston.

Other Interests: Vampires, cats, drawing, writing poetry and fanfiction, books, and lots more.
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[30 Oct 2006|01:47pm]

Everything You'd Want To Know About MeCollapse )
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[21 Jun 2006|09:08pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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got a letter. [25 May 2006|11:16pm]

i got a letter from my friend.

i had nearly forgotten about this project, and how exciting it was to recive my letters.

i was so happy to see that writing on the envelope...with no return address.

i was more than happy to find out shes doing well.

anyway -

i hope to get more letters. that would make me happy.

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MODS NEEDED [18 Dec 2005|07:00pm]
i'm looking for someone to help me mod at my community _feel_infinite_
i need an active mod - someone that can promote as well.

just leave a comment if you're interested.
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[24 Oct 2005|05:58pm]



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XPosted [23 Oct 2005|11:20pm]

Would anyone who replied to my penpal survey thing who i didnt pick like me to send their email or survey or both to any of the other people who filled it out?
i figure you guys all want penpals so why not?!

if so just email me and tell me what youd like me to do.
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XPosted [18 Oct 2005|01:04am]

i really want a pen pal.

ive attempted it numerous amounts of times through these perks communities but it never seems to work out. but i want to try again.
this time i have my own way of choosing though. i have made out a survey and i think itll help me figure out beforehand if the penpal will work out.

so if anyone is interested here is the survey:
(please answer everything honestly. dont try to make things up becasue you think you know what i want you to say. just be you)

How old are you?

Are you in school? if so what grade or year?

What is your favorite color?

When was the last time you read a book because you wanted to? what was it called?

What is your favorite movie or t.v. show?

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

In the past two weeks what is the most significant thing that has happened to youor that you have witnessed?

Have you ever been in love?

Do you write in a journal (or blog) 3 or more times a week?

When you feel stressed what are typical things you do? ( i mean how do you act not what do you do to calm down. ex: i clean a lot)

What do you do to calm yourself?

Is there a particular genre of music you absolutely CANNOT listen to? if so what is it?

Have you ever had sex? (oral doesnt count)

If you had to put yourself in to one of the many stereotypes (only one) could you? if so what would it be and why?

Do you believe in yourself?

What is the most beautiful thing you can think of?

What is your favorite season? why?

Take a guess, how often do you
chat online?
check lj?
talk on the phone?
fix your hair?
worry what others think of you?

What do you dream of doing for the rest of your life?

Do you want children?

What was the nicest thing youve ever done for someone?

What is your favorite shape?

What is your favorite store?

When was the last time you sacrificed your happiness for someone elses? Tell me about it.

What are you afraid of? (be specific)

If you could think of any quote, line in a song/book, fortune etc. that you can identify with what would it be? why?

Do you practice a religion? which one? How religious would you say you are?

Please do not repsond in a comment. you can emal it directyl to me at stereotherapy222@aol.com ( bonus points if you can tell me which song my screenname came from or at least which band wrote the song)( juat the stereotherapy part not the 222)

if you have any questions for me of would like me to fill out my own survey just ask and id be happy to.

Thanks to everyone who wants to be my penpal and answers my questions!!!!!!
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[11 Sep 2005|05:27pm]

A new community for teenagers looking for penpals. Come and join! (You know you want to!)
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[23 Aug 2005|10:50am]

Hey everyone,

My name is Rachel Sarah, and I just created this new community rainbowsofhope. It was created as a place where you can talk about your problems and make friends along the way. Please feel more than free to join.

My appologies if this sort of thing isn't allowed.
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new [06 Aug 2005|02:31am]

hi there, my name is sarah. i won't exactally say my age, because then that'd just in a way be kind of weird. anyways, i'm one of those people who sit there and help others out, or atleast listen. it's what i live to do. i will listen to anyone. or, i'll write to you, whatever works.
i don't care whether you send mail
you send email, or an IM. if you want to talk,
aim- drunk vs sober
yahoo- xsp1k3dx
email- imasarah@gmaill.com
other than that,
have a nice night.
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Hey now [20 Jul 2005|09:03am]

My name is Brenda and I am nearly 23.
I will be embarking on a massive road trip really soon to Chicago, IL from Phoenix, AZ and possibly to NYC (my second home) I thought it would be really cool to send out post cards from each state or so. But I am a dork. All I ask in return is just one post card from your home town or state in return. If you goto my lj and friends me I'll send one from each state if you don't find me interesting enough to friends then either comment here or e-mail me at drunkcreekerb@yahoo.com and we'll exchange addys and I'll send one from at least Chicago. I just think it would bee cool to get a postcard from each state discussing someone's travels.

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[20 Jul 2005|02:58am]

I am in a new apartment, and lonely at night, because my roomates work during the night.
I am an insomniac, and would love to have someone's letters to read and respond to. or just read.
email me @
if you want to write to me.

I am almost desperate.
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[06 Jul 2005|03:39am]

[ mood | lonely ]

i tried to email the app. and it said that the address was , gone ? i know this community is dead and every thing but umm well every one wants friend and well , umm , im charilie ( sp ? ) umm u can email me at mi_needs_yu@yahoo.com ... a lil about my self : - name changed - mellisa - age - 15 - i don't what else u would wnat to know b 4 the emails ...

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[25 Jun 2005|11:56pm]

This community is dead.
I filled out the app, and emailed it.
About three months ago.
If anyone, ANYONE wants to snail mail me,
comment with your email.
Or email me.

I dont bite.
I'm really very lonely.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Have a good day.
Thank you for listening.

♥ ♥
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[23 Jun 2005|10:30pm]

Okay so...I'm finding that I have a lot more to say then I actually say to my friends and people around me. So I'm thinking that if I could just have someone that isn't biased about my issues that I could actually get this stuff out. So I'm looking for someone to email, not snail mail because I always forget to actually put the letters in the mail box. I need an occasional response because I don't think anyone is listening if I don't. my email is drpepperrawks@hotmail.com if anyone is interested.
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[23 Jun 2005|04:42pm]

I'm looking for someone to write to. I prefer through the mail.
I want someone to be able to relate to me and write me back about their life. I'm 16. I'm similar to Charlie in that we have both delt with drugs, sex and such. So, that's what you're going to expect. I just want someone that can handle that and that's actually going to keep up and do this. If you're interested, email me and I'll give you my address. Janedoe22577@hotmail.com
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[16 May 2005|07:47pm]

will someone write to me? snail mail preferredCollapse )
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